TMF History

For over 70 years, Twin Mountain Fence has operated exclusively in the fencing business. In 1947 the company was founded in San Angelo, Texas, with a goal to provide high grade cedar posts to area ranchers at reasonable prices and with honorable service. Throughout the years, the company expanded to include wire, gates and other ranching supplies, as well as providing crews for fencing projects.

Twin Mountain Fence's tradition of high quality fencing materials has grown to include the latest in fencing technology, including its own line of Twin Mountain Fence energizers and fence products. With its international distribution system, Twin Mountain Fence provides a complete line of dependable, cost effective materials that are maintenance free and easy to install. The company's commitment to excellence ensures any fencing projects will be successful.

With over 70 years of experience combined with excellent service, Twin Mountain Fence offers a complete fencing package that sets this company apart from the rest. As the company continues to grow and expand, Twin Mountain Fence will also continue to adhere to the original promise on which the company was founded, "Fence the nation with service as great as our product."

Eisenhower Photo
Ezra Taft Benson, President Eisenhower and Cecil Meador leaning over a Twin Mountain Fence on a local ranch.

Our roots are in West Texas...
Our future extends throughout the world!

Since our doors opened in 1947 in San Angelo, Texas, we have provided West Texas ranchers the materials they require to ensure they properly maintain their land and livestock. As the demand increased for our products, we have expanded to providing materials and/or construction throughout Texas and the United States. Twin Mountain Fence has grown to include the latest in fencing technology, including its own line of electric fence products. Our offering includes our own line of energizers, insulators, testers, and accessories.

North America Electric Fence Distribution

As we have expanded our other areas of operations, we have also expanded our distribution of our electric fence products throughout North America. Our electric fence products are made of high-quality materials at a reasonable price. All our energizers come standard with our 3-year warranty including lightning. Our offering includes energizers (AC or DC), insulators, wire, plastic and fiberglass posts, poly products, wire strainers, and accessories. Whether your next fencing project is permanent or temporary, we have the products to ensure it is a success!
Distribution Map
Distribution Map
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A Few Notable Twin Mountain Fence Projects

  • We have constructed over 500 miles of fence along Interstates 10 & 20.
  • We provided fencing materials to the Ted Turner ranches.
  • We constructed fence in Yellowstone National Park.
  • We developed and installed a 30-mile Electric Fence System for ex-baseball pitcher Goose Gossage.
  • We constructed over 40 miles of fence in Big Bend National Park, where we had to deliver much of the material by helicopter.
  • We installed an Electric Fence System in the Elephant Exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.
  • For the Bureau of Land Management in Colorado, we constructed 150 1-acre plots of electric fence to keep the bears from eating the honey crop.
  • We installed a 42-strand Electric Fence System for the Texas Snow Monkeys, an endangered species.
  • We shipped containers of electric fence, cedar posts and stays to the Parker Ranch in Hawaii.
  • Since the mid-50's, TMF has stretched over 54,000 miles of fence. This equates to more than twice around the world.
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